Who we are

Research team

  • Bruno Monardo (architect, Associate Professor of Town Planning, “Sapienza” University of Rome) – Curriculum Vitae
  • Francesco Marchegiani (architect, PhD in Territorial and Urban Planning, “Sapienza” University of Rome)
  • Audrey Benassi (MSc in Political Sciences, IEP de Lyon, Université Lyon 2)

Scientific Committee

  • Stefano Stanghellini (Professo, IUAV University, President of Urbit srl)
  • Manuela Ricci (Professor, “Sapienza” University of Rome)
  • Anna Palazzo (Professor, “Roma Tre” University)
  • Luciano De Bonis (Professor, University of Molise)
  • Bruno Monardo (Associate Professo, “Sapienza” University of Rome)

Framework and Web management

  • Ilia Arcidiacono (Former Professor in Maths of “Sapienza University of Rome”)
  • Silvia Flaim (Master Degree in Occupational Psychology, Expert in Psychology and New Technologies)
  • Jim Whittle LWCMD (Web management and online marketing professional)


  • “Sapienza” University of Rome
  • Urbit srl


Urban Centers, Institutions, public and private Agencies, Researchers and Academics, Business groups, Associations and individual citizens are invited to join and collaborate with Observatory

To join and send us your contributions on this topic, we beg you to register on our website following the instructions on the page How to register.

For all other communications send an email to: info@urban-center.org.